If poetry reminds you of trying to shake someone’s hand with a sex toy, you too may have been born under the “cosmic sigil” of the double-headed dildo.


These double-headed sonnets — in which endings become funhouse mirrors, event horizons, and corsets all at once — explore the distances between and within bodies. ​


Andy Verboom is from subrural Nova Scotia and lives in K'jipuktuk (Halifax). He is the publisher of Insomniac Press and Collusion Books and the co-founder of long con magazine.

His poetry has won Frog Hollow’s Chapbook Contest and Descant’s Winston Collins Prize, been shortlisted for CV2's Young Buck Prize and Arc's Poem of the Year, and appeared in CAROUSEL, Prism, The Puritan, Vallum, and elsewhere.

DBL (knife fork book, 2020) is his sixth chapbook.



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"Delusional Structure of the Inner Ear" | CAROUSEL [first link in CHAIN, an ongoing, global series of response poems] (Aug 2020)

"The Barer Sheet" & "Campfire Rounds from Ancient Earth" [collaborative performances] | Sesquisharp at the Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts (Aug 2019)

"Reconnaissance" | Contemporary Verse 2 41.1 (July 2018), Young Buck Poetry Prize Honourable Mention, and the Luna Mouths Atlantic poets series (Mar 2019)

“The Toys to Have” | The /temz/ Review 2 (Jan 2018)

“Of the Building of Cities” | The Lampeter Review 15 (Dec 2017)

“Roofspeak” | PRISM international 56.1 (Nov 2017)

The Wide Skirt/Der weite Rock/The White Rock/Der weiße Stein/The Wise Stain... [performance] | TAP Centre for Creativity (Oct 2017)

“There Emigrate Bullets” | Word Hoard 5 (Nov 2016)

“Jesus H. Christ Does Private Dancing” | The Puritan 35 (Nov 2016)

“The Megafaun: Fact or Fiction?” | Vallum: Contemporary Poetry 13:2 (Nov 2016) and the Vallum Blog’s Poem of the Week (Dec 12, 2016)

“The Critique of a Handsome Vacuum” | Arc Poetry Magazine 81 (Nov 2016)

“Sea Cucumber Elegy” | Contemporary Verse 2 29.1 (July 2016)

“Gastromance” | Arc Poetry Magazine 80, Poem of the Year Shortlist (June 2016)

“Evil Arrow-sign God” & “Vesuvian Man”BafterC 8.1 (May 2016)

“On Watching ‘Makin’ Bacon Pancakes 10 Hour Version'" | 300 Hours a Minute: Poems about YouTube Videos (Desert Pets Press, 2015)

“Moon Hill” | Hart House Review (Spring 2015)

“Counting Half the World” | Hart House Review, Winter Supplement (2015)

“Rite” | Descant 165, Winston Collins Prize for Best Canadian Poem (Summer 2014)

“Flyting the Honeybee” & “Hop, Skip, Jump” | The Puritan 19 (Nov 2012)

“Olbers’s Paradox” | Echolocation Magazine Poetry Contest Winner Broadsheet (July 2012)





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